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Clothes & Alterations

Roya's Tailors Clothes and Alterations

Have you bought a suit, jacket, trousers, jean, skirts, dress, etc .... that don't quite fit? Roya's Tailors will tailor your outfits and retain the original shape.
Our great skills, experience and professional measuring and fitting service are available to ensure that perfect fit and lining to your clothes.


Whether you require alterations ranging from a simple hem, shortening of sleeves or a complete "overhaul" of your favorite dress, the qualified professional alteration tailors at Roya's Tailors we will do what it takes to ensure you look and feel great in your garments, and guarantee you a perfect fit.


The variety of alteration and made-to-measure services we provide include:

Designer Clothes - The secret behind some of our most successful designs is the refined tailoring style and the elegant design. Using the full breadth of cuts and styles, fittings and construction that the tailoring demand we managed to establish our own popular Designer clothes.

Professional Ladies Dress Makers - Our master tailor has more than 25 years of Professional Dress Making experience. Our professional tailor can help you to develop your personal style by wearing clothes that look good on you, that are fitted and tailored exactly the way you want them to be. Visit our shop and we guarantee that we will work hard to accommodate all of your needs.

Garments – Roya's Tailors supply high quality, engineered, individually cut, made-to-measure garments. All garments designed and tailored by Roya's Tailors are made to measure or ready to wear both for men and women, offer the very highest quality and draw on the expertise of the finest craftsmen.

Clothing Repairs & Alterations – Often the personal taste can change... our styles can change... even our bodies may change. When these changes occur we face the inconvenience of having to replace a closet full of clothes. Roya's Tailors is here in order to help you significantly reduce the replacement costs. Just come to our shop to talk about the options you have available by altering, repairing or re-shaping your clothes.